Branchefællesskabet for arbejdsmiljø

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The detdumæ website is published by:
Sector Working Environment Council (BFA)
for Retailing, Finance, and Office and Administration

Tel.: +45 33 74 63 39


Our work

In the Sector Working Environment Council, the social partners (i.e. employers and employees) work together to promote a good working environment in the relevant sectors by publishing sector guidelines, leaflets, instruction and training materials, websites and other tools to support health and safety work at Danish workplaces.

The material on this website is from the Sector Working Environment Council for Retailing (BFA Handel), which is part of the Sector Working Environment Council for Commerce, Finance, and Office and Administration.


The council comprises representatives from retail organisations:

  • Danish Chamber of Commerce
  • HK Handel
  • Coop amba
  • Brugsforeningernes Arbejdsgiverforening (BA)
  • De Danske Slagtermestre
  • Bager- og Konditormestre i Danmark
  • Drivkraft Danmark
  • Fødevareforbundet NNF
  • Serviceforbundet

BFA Handel’s materials therefore reflect the common opinion of the parties concerning what constitutes a good standard of working environment in retail.