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Predictability at work

Predictability is about getting the necessary information at the right time. This gives a sense of security and eliminates uncertainty. Read more here about predictability and what you can do as an employee, a manager or a member of the health and safety group.

VIDEO - INSPIRATION FOR STAFF MEETING - watch this video and talk about how you can make life more predictable in your shop or store (in Danish with English subtitles).

Understanding the importance of predictability at work

Knowing what's coming is a good thing. This gives a sense of security and instils trust.

How to create predictability at work

Læs her, hvad I kan gøre som medarbejder, leder eller medlem af arbejdsmiljøgruppen

For employees

For employees

What gives you predictability?

Think about your work and consider:

  • What type of information do I need to feel confident and well-informed?
  • Do I receive this information? How do I want to receive the information I need? And when?
  • What can I do myself to receive sufficient information?

Note that sometimes there may be limits on what your manager can tell you about. Your manager may have confidential knowledge about restructuring or dismissals that he or she cannot share with you before time.

Here is what you can do

Talk to your manager about what you’d like to know and when

Do you feel that you’re being told things at the last minute? Too little information? Too much information? Let your manager know what you need. If you tell management what you think and feel, they can better adjust the relevant information and create predictability in your work.

Stay informed

Does you workplace use notice boards, an intranet, meetings? It’s important to know and use the platforms from where you can gain information. Remember to look for information yourself, for example if you weren’t at work when there was a staff meeting. Also, read what is sent out by management right away, so you don’t miss anything.

Ask when in doubt

Reach out if you’re in doubt about something or lack information about something. If you cannot get an answer straight away, ask when you can expect an answer or information.

For managers

Create predictability

Consider what you as a manager can do to create predictability for your employees:

  • Are there clear guidelines for when and how they are informed? Has everyone been informed, regardless of their working hours?
  • Does everyone know what’s been planned for them in the near future? Are they informed about significant changes well in advance? Do they know their working hours well in advance? Do they know who they’ll be working with in the near future?
  • Are they unsure about whether there’ll be significant changes in their work and at their workplace in the near future?
  • Is everyone clear about their tasks and function? And what you expect from them?
  • Are the vision, strategy and focus areas of the company clear to everyone?

Here is what you can do

Tools and links

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For health and safety groups

The work of the health and safety group

The health and safety group does not have a clearly defined responsibility in ensuring predictability at the workplace.  Through the health and safety risk assessment (APV), the employee satisfaction survey, surveys of your psychosocial working conditions, or through some other channel, you may receive feedback from employees about:

  • The information they receive about their tasks, plans and changes by management and other important matters.
  • The extent of this information.
  • The relevance of information.
  • In what way and when information is provided.

If there are positive reports, you can capitalise further on your good experiences. If there are negative reports, then predictability can be a way to improve things.

Here is what you can do

The quick method

If you want to address the subject of predictability at a small workplace, a simple staff meeting may be a good place to start. The meeting will help you put your experiences and thoughts into words. At the end of the meeting, you can all assess whether there is a need to launch initiatives.

  • Watch the film about predictability together.
  • Talk about the film: What is it like at our workplace?
  • What can we do to make us feel more informed and to get a more predictable workday?
Initiatives based on a health and safety risk assessment

You can conduct a health and safety risk assessment (APV) with special focus on the psychosocial working conditions and examine the factors that affect predictability at work.

There are several ways to conduct a health and safety risk assessment:

  • The dialogue method by which you identify the problems at a staff meeting and discuss causes and solutions together.
  • The questionnaire method by which you collect employees’ opinions and experiences in writing, and then find causes and solutions either in the health and safety group or at a staff meeting.

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